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MG MGF Technical - SRS light flashing

Hi all,

My SRS light has started flashing not long after being in the garage for service, mot and heater replacement. I've read the archive and seen all the posts about the light staying on.

I've checked the connectors under the seats and the big connnector in the centre console but these seem secure. Before I blame the rotary thingy I was wondering if anybody knew why my light is flashing rather than just staying on. When I start the car it flashes very fast before settling into a rhythm of being on with short off blinks.

Does anybody know what this means?
Darren Edwards

If my memory is correct the SRS ECU sits under the heater controls perhaps a wire has been knocked?
C Tideswell

>>> the SRS ECU sits under the heater controls <<<
You are right about that.
I am not sure if there is enough space to access the ECU when removing the footwell triangles, so it could be that some more work is involved.

Check the connector to the stearing wheel airbag. I have had to check the connector twice in 4 years for corrosion and once reconnected, light goes out.

Erik, there's enough space to jiggle the connector and it seems solidly connected.

What's bothering me is the fact its blinking when it sounds like the normal problem is the light being permanantly on. Has anybody else had the blinking? and what was the resolution in that case?

Julian, i'll try to check the airbag connection too. Did your connector feel loose or did you have to disconnect it to see the problem?

btw, I forgot to mention i've got a 4yr old TF.

thanks for the input.


It did not feel loose at all - all the did was take the airbag module off the steering wheel, unplus and then reconnect and everything was fine I have no idea why other than it is fine for another 2 years.

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