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MG MGF Technical - srs light on

Hello mgf owners,

Since couple of weeks my srs light is permanently on. Before it was sometimes, know that is to do with the drivers seat.Once took out the seat according to the workshop manuel and refix it in order to repair this srs ligth coming from pre-tensioner.Result is again negative. What did i do wrong? is there any body has an idea to fix this problem without going to the rover garage which is extremly expensive in Turkey.Because they are at the same time Bmw services who are not at the same range of rover.

thaks alot

Sigh, been there aswell...another known MGF problem: rotary coupler needs to be changed (part right behind the steering wheel, actually some sort of ring which provides constantly electricity contact despite you turning your steering wheel, and all this to activate airbag & horns).

Normally this should be refunded by Rover, although some guys had to pay for it. I only paid the hours needed to replace it (was only 1hr I believe).

The part itself costs around 200 EURO, just in case you have to pay yourself.

It could just be the connector under the seat which sometimes comes adrift (escpecially if the seat has move back and forth alot) - worth a check before taking it into the garage!



Richard Eaton

I would look at the simple things first like the connector, fuses etc.

The rotary connector that Dirk mentions is quite a robust unit as one expect from a part made in Germany - Dirk.

Ted Newman

I had the rotary coupler replaced aswell (under warranty) ... but who knows if a whole new unit was mandatory ? I didn't bother since I din't pay the bill ...

I had the rotary coupler replaced as well 3 weeks ago. It's fine now. There is new version out for around 70 pounds.

No warranty for me, but they gave me a 15% discount, as it should not break that easily..

Hanah Kim

Hello Turgut,

greets to Istanbul :)
Guess you saw this page already ?

Most important to notice is IMO:
- remove the battery before any SRS works.

and if you remove the steering wheel:
- prevent the rotary coupler from not allowed turns by applying a stripe of self adhesive tape to the cover and over the outer diameter.

I'm not sure about replacement requirements, but heard of that not only the part number should be important, but also the bar code or his number between the stars *DH.... *.
Part Number at a 97 built MGF was YRC100170

PS. thanks for the kind words to my guestbook :-)
Dieter Koennecke

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