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MG MGF Technical - SRS light on

I have 1995 VVC and the SRS red dashboard warning light is on constantly, anyone have any ideas?
aj harris

I experienced this. The problem might be caused by a cable connector underneath the driving seat being either adrift or loose. Mine was loose and caused by me kneeling on the drivers seat to do some small job. Good Luck!
Geoff Smart

I agree with Geoff - this is the most common cause of this problem - and simple to sort out.

Less common, and more of a pain to sort out is a wire fracture in the rotary coupler in the steering column. Replacements available second hand and new, and requires removal of the steering wheel and column cowl - but not too difficult :o)
Rob Bell

Mine has been on and off for several years. Black pvc tape does quite a good job.

After half hearted attempts to sort it over the years, the easy start point is pretensioner wiring under the seats. They can be disturbed, as above, and just need connections rechecking (remade them).
The next order of complexity is the rotary coupler in the steering wheel which is easily accessed (replaced that).
I think my final effort will be the SRS ECU which is a sod to get at(bought it but yet to fit it). If it turns out to be the airbags themselves as I suspect, then PVC tape blanking the lamp will have to do! I am not going near them.
Mine works fine for a couple of months at a time then begins to come on half way through journeys, usually when cornering particularly hard or fast,(G?). But it doesn't seem to be affected by hitting the end stops from extremes or rapid turning of the wheel as in parking.

Hi guys,

Just got round to sorting out my SRS light- again!! I had already checked the cable connectors to the seats - no change. I had previously checked the rotary coupler and connectors many montha ago and although I found nothing wrong the SRS light decided to extinguish and did so for some months.

I repeated the job of removing the airbag, steering wheel and rotary coupler. Again nothing amiss. Guess what? Yep, the SRS light is extinguished again.

When it re-occurs next time (and it will) I will just remove/disconnect the airbag and refit. If the SRS light extinguishes then this time I will slightly tweak the connector pins so that they (so very slightly) splay outwards hoping to get better permanent connection. The contacts look clean, are gold plated and should not cause a problem. However, in years past I have found that connectors can lose the plot when left undisturbed for long periods.

If tweaking the airbag end of the cable doesn't give a permanent fix then I will do the same to the input end to the rotary coupler.

I forgot to mention that I had alredy applied a small amount of contact grease to all connectors in the SRS system on previous occasions.


W A Nixson

Thanks Guys for your input here, I just hope the seat connection is loose, if not I think I will be developing a close knowledge of the SRS system as a number of you clearly have :)
aj harris

So Charless has a G sensitive SRS circuit, Willy's seems to have amnesia, and I have one that appears to get upset by 45 degree ambient temperatures. I wonder, were Microsoft involved in its design..?

I do hope not, as 'crash' would inevitably follow...

Bandit - it's got to be a cousin of Windows 95. Windows 95 & 98 were are real pain in the derrier.

W A Nixson

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