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The "srs" light on my 96 vvc has been on all day,is it a cause for concern or a possible fault?,i'm reluctant to use it,can't get to dealer,any thoughts?
Paul w

Most likely to be the wires under the seats to the seatbelt pretensioners

Under each seat is a yellow wire, this is the feed to the seatbelt pretensioner and it has a multiplug under the seat.

It has been known in the past for this multiplug to come apart (either fully or partially) when the seat position is adjusted. This causes an error in the SRS system, the system disables itself and the red warning light comes on.

The red light means that none of the pretensioners or the airbag(s) will fire in an accident as they are not 'live'. So from one point of view the car is safe to drive (no chance of them accidentally going off), but from another point of view, it isn't (should you have an accident they won't deploy).

Visually check to see if the multiplugs have separated, if they have, for safety's sake, you should disconnect the battery (both terminals) and leave the car for a good 15-20 minutes before plugging it together again (this should remove any residual current from the SRS loom).

Hope this helps

Scarlet Fever

Hi Paul, if the SRS light is on it basically means that in the chance of an impact the SRS will not work.
There are a few things that can cause the light to come on and a dealer visit is not your only option. Most decent vehicle electricians will have the relevent equipment to carry out diagnostic checks. The causes could be anything from a seat belt pre-tentioner plug adrift under one of the seats to an ECU failure (like mine last week!) You can still drive the car but have a check done soon.
Steve Tyler

If it's not the connections under the seats then it's probably the rotary coupling in the steering wheel. MGR garages can check this on their computer thingy - at a cost!

The fault tends to be intermettent before becoming permanent.

We have Amber and red Lights.

Amber shows a Maintenace Fault requireing to be fixed when it can be arranged.

Red shows a Major Failure (normally with Safety Implications) and hence requires "Stop and Fix It"

I would agree that the majority of Black Box failures are due to the mechanical connections between them but you remain with the off chance of a fault in the Black Box that will inflate your airbag as you brake at the pedestrian crossing.

You are right to be reluctant to use the car.

Geoff F.

G. Farthing

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