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MG MGF Technical - srs light stays on

hy guys my srs light on the dashboard stays on continuasly the missus tells me its been on for a month now but the car has been working fine could this be a problem i am in africa and cannot attend to it at the momonet
luis in sierra leone
luis pereira


Easy to fix!, requires a pair of scissors,and some black sitcky tape.
1, cut piece of tape,1"long x 1/2" wide.
2, place this piece of tape over SRS light.
3, Problem sorted.
4, sit back with cup of tea and large Cigar!.

Failing that check under seat, wiring plug to seat belt pre-tensioners.


Ps, get about us F owners!.

thanks Mark i was worried as i have been here in africa for 4 months and was worried about any safety problems yeah we do get about i am here until january then back home to my 2 wives, haha
luis pereira

TWO WIVES.....Must get through some Paracetamol in your house :o).

check the cables under the seat.
Check Dieters site:

Sven Angelmahr


Could also be a problem with the Rotary Coupler in the steering wheel. Have a look at 'Horn Failure' on my site at


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