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MG MGF Technical - SRS Warning light


My mgtf 160's SRS warning light has started coming on whilst in motion.

At first, it appeared to come on after about 30 minutes motoring and after taking a corner/roundabout at speed. Turning off the engine and re-starting extinguished the light.

Now, several days later, it comes on a minute or two after starting the engine.

Is this a known snag, or do I have a problem with my Airbag?
S R Kenyon-Edwards

Check connections under the seat and the rotary coupler (check archive). If this does not do it, throw money at a new coupler


As Brian says, the connector under the seat is the usual culprit. Disconnect and reconnect the harness plugs, and normal restoration of service should ensue.

Be careful however: it would be wise to disconnect the battery for 10minutes before playing with the SRS to avoid potential accidental airbag detonation.
Rob Bell

Thanx guys.

Rob, are you saying disconnect the battery before checking the harness plugs?
S R Kenyon-Edwards

Plenty of people haven't, but it would be amiss of me not to recommend that you do disconnect the battery before fiddling with the harness plugs. After all, your back would be in the firing line if the airbag were to go off... Gulp...
Rob Bell

hi i my thoughts same as mr keynon edwards
start my engine all lights on there go out one by one .then the srs light flcks then goes out. do i have that problem 2. hi rob are u going to the baldock brown and gammons day 26th june i think if u are good to see u there

darren jeffery milton keynes
darren jeffery

This thread was discussed on 27/05/2005

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