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MG MGF Technical - SRS warning light

Yesterday, the second time I drove the car, the SRS warning light came on a short time after setting off. I stopped to see what the light was. I switched off and restarted, and the light went out, only to come on again some distance further on. I was out again twice that evening, and had the same thing happen.
Has anyone had this, and does it mean my 11-year old airbag is getting tired?
M Cunningham 1

Probably the rotary coupler. You might get a readout(it is supposed to) from the testbook or you might not - like mine which is now on permanently.
The easy solution would be pretensioner wiring under the seats having been disturbed but that is less likely if it keeps coming and going with the ignition.
Good luck!
C.R.B. Simeon

Hi Mike - have experienced this 'phenonema' which I inadvertantly caused by kneeling on the driving seat which in turn partially opened the connector under the seat squab. First check that this connector is fully pushed home. This resolved my problem and I hope that this action will do the same for you!

After several months of plugging and unplugging the connections to the seat belt tensioners under the seats I finally gave in and had the rotary coupler (under the airbag in the steering wheel)replaced.

Problem solved
Brian Highe

We had the same problem with SRS Light in 1998 1.8
After a week or so, the light stayed on all the time.We checked the plugs under the seat, but it turned out to be the Rotary Coupler
Hi from New Zealand
Karen Appleby

Thanks guys - sounds like a job for the winter lay-up which is imminent! I'm shortly going out for my last blast - along the A71 towards West Calder, across country to the A70, and back over the Lang Whang to Lanark, Kirkfieldbank, Dillarburn, Boghead and back to Strathaven. And the sun's shining, so it's definitely top down! At least the **** light won't seem so bright.
M Cunningham 1

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