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MG MGF Technical - SRS on the dash ???

The SRS lamp on my friends MGF 96 dash came on the other day can anybody tell what it means?
Mike Adams

That there's a problem with the airbags or seatbelt pretensioners. The most common problem is apparently the pretensioner cable under the seats coming unplugged when the seat is moved - have a look, all the SRS cabling is bright yellow. If you find one of the connectors has come unplugged, disconnect the car's battery for 15-20 minutes, plug the cables back together and then reconnect the battery.

Tim Jenner

Tim's right, although the other common cause of the SRS light illumination is failure of the rotorary coupling in the steering column.

Check those cables under the seats first, then suspect the rotorary coupling as the former is a good deal cheaper to fix!
Rob Bell


>Disconnect the car's battery for 15-20 minutes<

Whys this. (I guess its a safety thing)

When I changed my seats a while back, I left it connected throughout. Was I lucky?

Has someone had a nasty experience?
Richard P

Was I lucky?

How many fingers have you got left?

The pretentioner contains a small explosive charge similar to a shotgun cartridge. Can explode!

> Was I lucky?
not more so than most of us who went near this connector. The 15 minutes is from the Rover manual and is a large amount of ar*e covering. Very talented people spend much time developing these systems to be as safe as possible, if the plug can unplug itself or jog on and off whilst you are driving without causing the airbag to trigger or the tensioner to explode then you are probebly safe re-pluging it with the ignition off.
Will Munns

I knew about the explosive charge. I had to swap them from my old seats to the new ones cause they had gone off. Didn't realise the manual said anything about taking the battery off for 15mins. Oh well, like you said I've still got all my fingers :O)
Richard P

Does the same apply to replacing the steering wheel? Need to fit nice new two tone job,is it best left to dealer? Anyone done it?
p withington

I disconnected the battery for 15 minutes before changing the steering wheel and had no problem whatsoever.

I think it was four torxx screws holding the air bag on and a large nut in the centre of the wheel, 30 minute job in total.
Chris Catchpole
Shows some pix. No brief instructions, though.

Dieter K.

A few years ago when the local Rover dealer took off my steering wheel they just unplugged the airbag connectors - did not bother disconnecting the battery, same when they put it back it back on!
Jason H
Jason H

Paul (Withington),

Yes the same applies to the steering wheel (you need to disable the airbag before you remove it).

Full step-by-step instructions are on the SOS site, direct link here:

>> <<

Scarlet Fever

I had the same issue a few weeks ago, however, the SRS light came on when the dirvers side tail light was out! The tail light (not the brake light) came back on and the SRS light went out - this was replicated just to see if it was coincidence.

2002 TF.


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