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MG MGF Technical - Starting problems

1996 MGf just don't wanna start. It turns over but wont fire.
Doubt its the cam belt, this was done about 20K miles ago, but what would be the signs if it were.
Anything obvious I might try before taking it to the garage?
Isn't there a fuel cut off button under the boot?

Done a bit of reading now and reasonably happy that it aint the cam-belt.
Sounds like its either the coil or maybe the fuel pump.
However there is mention of a fuel inertia switch that may have activated. A vague memory tells me that it is in the engine bay tucked into the wing. Anybody able to be a little more precise.
(The car is a 1996 VVC)

Looking at the engine bay from the rear, the fuel inertia switch is located in the nearside corner on the nearside panel.
HTH Mike
Mike (Mersea)

well...... I've checked all the fuses in the car and under the bonnet.
Found the inertia switch (Cheers Mike !) and still no joy.
I can hear the fuel pump upon first turning the key.

My guess now is that its either the fuel filter or the coil.

Either way..... its going in the garage at weekend.

Been damp up in Manchester recently?
Car stored outside?
VVC often have starting problems due to damp coils and HT leads. Check the connections between leads and coil, plenty of WD40.

New HT leads work wonders - set of magnecor are about 45 pound if I remember correctly.
Russell Parslow

Russell....... been through all that years ago when it was stored outside. They did cure it eventually after countless days in the dealership and hopefully great expense on their/Rovers part.


Perhaps your F is like your Team.

Neglected and to many owners (the most recent one bailng out after second HGF).
On the Plus side though, when you do get it running, it will be able to go to places like Barnsley, Grimsby. Rotherham, Wolverhamton etc etc.

Sorry couldnt resist!


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