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MG MGF Technical - Starting with K&N airfilter

Great news .... I've ordered my K&N to Lesley

I'm now wondering if it needs some special preparation before being fitted.
I went through their website and there are instructions about cleaning with some oily stuff.
Do I need this product to install the filter or is it just for service (in that case how often do you use it)?

I know most of you have already an aftermarket airfilter fitted an happy with that.
I'm now impatient to have mine fitted.

Advice welcome!




Their kit comes ready to install - the cleaning kit is only required for service.

The only thing I suggest is that you get your self some extra long (very long) cable ties for securing the cold air induction kit (which is a posh name for two bits of flexible tubing) or get one of Tom Randels fixing brackets - cost about GBP10.00 plus p&p.

Also read the FAQ and/or Robs instructions on fitting.

Then take the car out, find a nice long tunnel and give it some 'wellie' WOWWWWWWWWWWWW the noise.

Ted Newman


I really recommend Tom Randell's aluminium bracket. (Got mine from him on the 2000 Treffen)
Clever design, does its job perfectly.
The big advantage : the induction tubes sits higher under the car : no more scratching on speed bumps.
It's 10 GBP incl p&p.

The K&N filter needs to be cleaned (with the cleaning kit : degreaser + re-oiler) about every 20.000 km. I cleaned mine after 2 years/35.000 km and it was quite dirty.

1.8 mpi, K&N + SP exh.

PS : quand tu auras monté ton kit K&N, tu vas vraiment regretter de ne pas l'avoir fait plus tôt :))

Thanks for the advertising gents

Brackets are still available to hold the K&N induction pipes in place.
Costs are £7.50 for kit or £10 inc P&P for UK.

See Rob's web page for further info.

Tom Randell

This thread was discussed on 31/01/2001

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