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MG MGF Technical - Static electricity shocking outbreak

My F has started to bite back by giving me a shock whenever I step out of the car and touch any metal object thats the car or my garage door. the thing is I have owned the car for over three years and this is the first time I have experienced this. The shocks started after fitting a K&N surely this can't be the cause!
Strangely my daughter told me that her mx5 had started doing the same thing and all she had done was fit a new set of floor mats.
Whats the answere?its enough to make your hair stand on end:-)

My new TF is really, I mean REALLY bad for this. So bad that I think I could take the battery out and connect myself in it's place! :) Don't see why, but it must be something to do with the floor mats and/or the alcantara seats. I was not getting the same from a demo TF I was using for a week, though that did have standard seats and no floor mats. Very strangely I used to get a lot of static shock from a previous Platinum SIlver Rover 214 I used to have - the same colour as my TF, but that seems far to far fetched to be the cause.

A fool proof cure is to touch, and keep touching, the body work before you put you feet on the ground. If I do this then there are no shocks, but I still don't see why this particular car is so bad? :-s
Paul Lathwell

Changed your shoes to rubber soles lately?
B Minimus

Paul funny you should say that but i have been getting same on mine since fitting k&n quite a spark off your fingertip eh!!
david morris

Strange thing this - I never get a static shock when getting in or out of the car but the wife does and the last few days she says it has been worse than normal so it must be the dry weather!

Ted Newman

Change cloth to cotton materials :)
Dieter Koennecke

Weird! I have been getting shocks from everything including the dogs tail as he walks past, my wife was convinced it was the new washing powder she was using! But warm weather seems a more plausible answer. Ive had a K&N fitted for 4 years and not had the problem before.


Smelling lovely with all the softener.

Does mark the return of the dangling chain?

Car tyres are slightly electrically conductive because of the carbon black in the composition. This means that the car is always at earth potential. When you swing round in the seat your backside polishes the seat and charges you up with staic electricity. If you have shoes with non-leather soles then you retain the charge and when you touch the car, discharge yourself to earth. Try driving in bare feet or follow Paul's advice.


Thanks for all your advise. I've found the discharger that I got used to useing when I owned the Peugeot,it is cylindrical in shape and fixes to the keyring. You get out of the car avoiding touching any metalwork, touch the discharger on the drivers door lock and then youre ok.

I have found this happens with cloth trim ,our old 214 was a problem with this. Try changing to leather trim ;-)

Don't get this on my VVC (half leather) but when I borrow my mums Micra (cloth seats) it always happens.


Strangely the demo TF I had for a week had the standard half leather seats and I don't recall any static problems with that TF, mine has leather and alcantara and gives me a belt just about every time I get out! Hmmm, either it does not want me to get oout or it is trying to tell me something. =-o
Paul Lathwell

It's all a question of the material used in your trousers/skirt and the soles of your shoes coupled with ambient humidity


Here's a useless fact...

THe human body wont normally be aware of any static discharge unless the voltage is about 5KV. Once it reaches 10KV you will see a spark jumping about 1/4 inch (and feel it as well!!).

Ewan Ramage

And a little higher and your hair will stand on end


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