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MG MGF Technical - STC4171A .....

This is the part number that superceds GUG705963GM which is the specified guu for sealing the sump on the F and TF when you've had it off....
Apparantly, there is NON in Australia..!
Are there any alternatives that have been used with 100% succes...?

M T Boldry

I know many have used Blue Hylomar with success. You can get it on fleabay for about 4

The original is an anaerobic curing sealant, also used on the oil rail and camshaft pedestals. The the sump joint is not really a mission critical or pressurised seal so pretty much any gasket goo designed for metal to metal surfaces in engines will do.

Tim Guy

Here's the guff on Hylomar

Tim Guy

I know Hylomar well, I've been using it for over 35 years and yes it's good. I have also used CAT goo (some flourescent green yellow stuff sold by Catapiller) which is awesome, but I've not seen any of that for ages and for the last 15 years or so, my favourate by far.. Wellseal by Stag as specified by Lotus Cars, Rolls Royce / Bentley and many others. However, on the MG TF I have used a Holden product designed specificaly for metal to metal sump joints.
Thanks for your input...

M T Boldry

wellseal every time used on 68 midget rebuild and on f after hgf regards richard
tg hardwick

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