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MG MGF Technical - Stearing Vibration

I was driving on a very smooth piece of road yesterday, at around 60 mph (honestly), when i noticed a very slight vibration in the stearing wheel.
It felt like someone tapping the stearing wheel very lightly with a screw driver.
The taps were about half a second apart.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Are the wheels going to fall off now!:?



How old is the car and how many miles has it done?

Number of possibilities, see initial (lengthy) post on the MGF General board under the title 'Mike Satur is a Hero'

Scarlet Fever

The car has 52,000 miles on it and is about6 years old.

I haven't noticed this since but I haven't been driving under the same road.

Graphic desription Delsa - I've not experienced anything quite like what you decribe...

Usual suspects are:

wheel balance
incorrect tracking

Neither of which feel quite the same as you describe, but are worth checking out at a tyre specialist.

Keep us posted
Rob Bell

Or a stone stuck in the tread of one of the tyres!

Ted Newman

Sounds like a goodish spot to me Ted. Lyn had similar on Saturday morning, swerved around a bit and the noise went away (as the stone was knocked out of the tyre).

I thought it would have been safer to stop the car and look at the tyre but her way worked!

It might be a nail, but don't pull it out if it is (it will be holding the air in!)

Will Munns


The reason i asked about the age of your car was because my vibration problems started off in the same manner as you are describing, a regular 'pulse' felt through the steering wheel at set speeds. It stayed like this for months gradually getting worse and then recently jumped in severity.

In my case it turned out to be worn knuckle joints, but this TTBOMK is the first time this has been reported as a problem.

My advice is to check out your suspension components one at a time starting with the cheapest items until cured. The first thing to look at are your tyres, then progress onto balancing and tracking. The list should look something like this:

Tyres (wear, penetrations etc)
Ride Height
Track rod ends and other joints
Hydragas knuckles
Shock bushes
Brake discs / calipers
Subframe and other bushes
Wheel bearings
Steering Rack

Again, start with the cheapest items and work through the list.

Good Luck


The ride height is a little bit lower on the drivers side.
It's only noticable when the car is lined up in front of a level straight edge like a windowsil.
Could this be causing problems?

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