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MG MGF Technical - steering!

Dear All, my mgf 2000 vvc went in the garage yesterday as it was pulling to the right on medium to heavy breaking, turned out to be rear suspension bushes were worn, nothing wrong with the brakes though.

So the garage has replaced the suspension bushes and re-done the tracking, but i have noticed now that the steering wheel is slightly off centre, but driving straight????? There isn't any pulling on braking now. But also the steering seems very light, and has a lot of play in it.

Is this normal, i don't want to leave it, as i have just forked out for two new tyres after they had inner wear from the wrong tracking set up.

Has any one any ideas??

A Hall

This is a tracking issue Andrea: when the suspension was reassembled, and the tracking reset, the steering rack was not correctly centred.

Assuming that the re-track was performed correctly then there aren't any tyre wear problems to be concerned about - although there is a small impact on suspension geometry.

Most significantly, it is very annoying for the driver!

The solution is to either return it to the garage where the work was performed and get them to reset the tracking, but this time with the steering wheel centred, or take it to a reputable tyre/tracking specialist, and get them to sort this out for you.
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed on 17/02/2004

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