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MG MGF Technical - Steering Again!

So I still have my steering problem and it seems a little worse!

When turning to the right occasionally it feels like something is slipping. Almost as if the steering wheel nut is loose. You get the normal expected resistance when turning then suddenly no resistance as if the steering wheel has slipped then resistance again as normal. It happens when stationary but you an watch the wheels move constantly. No joints etc appear loose.

I have also discounted the EPAS as it happens when disconnected.

My local MGF stealer happily said over the phone it was probably the steering column and would cost about 500 in parts and whatever the labour was!

Anyone experienced this problem or am I in for unhappy start of the year??

Also - Are there any good independants in the Surrey/Hampshire Area to avoid the dealers?

If the steering is moving itself even when disconnected from the EPAS ECU, then it is time to suspect the steering column. :o(

No idea what's gone wrong; when disconnected, the EPAS should go into 'failsafe' and offer no power assistance whatsoever. That this problem continues suggests a possible electrical short somewhere in the column.

No idea whether a new one is necessary, but I wouldn't know where to start advising on repairing the 'column already in your car.

I'd recommend you contact the MGF Centre in Wolverhampton. They'd be able to sort you out with a suitable second hand 'column which should hopefully save you s...

Let us know what happens Rob
Rob Bell

My 2000 VVC does exactly the same but I haven't tried disconnecting the EPAS altogether. I had thought that it might be the sensor, not turning on the EPAS occasionally, when turning right.

As expected Swain & Jones in Farnham have now looked at the car and concluded it needs a new steering column! This seems fairly poor for a 4 year old car.

They reckon it is approx 2 hours worth of labour + parts = 700-800. ummmmmm

Does anyone have the phone number for the MGF centre in Wolves as recommended?


Rob, 01902 403045 - and web site
Rob Bell


Just given them a call and they are very helpful.

Going to check out what they advised tonight - and if it is the steering column thay can supply one at 120+Vat. A little cheaper than the Stealer at 500+Vat.

Also advised that it is fairly easy to fit. We'll wait and see on that one!

Rob may be of use if you've not seen it before.
Gary Boxall

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