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MG MGF Technical - Steering Bias

Ignoring the fact that the cars sat in the garage with a HGF, the other problem I have experienecd with my MGF is its tendancy to always head left. Let go of the steering wheel and off it goes. I constantly have to hold the car in a straight and level flight path. The previous owner said he had the same problem from manufacture and that Rover/MG said it was to do with tyre pressures (???). Im not sure that its traking because its never been kirbed, so far as I know? The FRH tyre is badly worn on the inside. Have you experienced this problem, is it just traking or is it another one of those problems that MGF's come with as part of the deal to keep your blood pressure up???
What can be done?

I appreciate any info you can provide.


Sounds like the front right tyre has an extreme positive camber. Could be misaligned or a worn suspension component. Get it looked at sir.

This thread was discussed on 22/02/2002

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