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MG MGF Technical - Steering Column Problems/Failure

I have a c1998 low mileage (48K) MGF 1.8i.

Have just had to have steering column replaced.

Has anyone else had the same problem on low mileage??

Is anyone aware of it being a 'known' problem??

Would appreciate any info

Many thanks


Why was your steering column replaced Pashby?

There have been a small number of occassions where this has become necessary - from that point of view a "known problem" - but not a case of "they all do that sir"
Rob Bell

yep, that's the question...

I'm a regular reader/writer to this BBS since 6 years *only*.
Assume it had been 3 or 4 steering column troubles leading to replacements, reported to this BBS in 6 years. Most where EPAS failure and workshops didn't find the *true* failure.
Two had been broken _security studs_ from accidents or improper load to the steering wheel.

Under this circumstances it is a known problem, but a very very small.

Rob and other belong to the group of *MGF BBS founders* and read a lot more than I did.
Over to them :)
Dieter K.

After eight plus years on this BBS I have to agree with Rob & Dieter - a very, very rare problem.

Ted Newman

I was told many years ago that my column needed replacing in order to try and fix an EPAS fault. - I wouldn't pay the dealer prices for something that nmay or may not work so I bought a second hand column and fitted it myself - the fault was still there so I refitted my original column.
I then stripped down the 2nd hand column to see how it worked and found that it is in 2 parts upper and lower held together by small plastic pegs which are supposed to break in an accident to allow the cloumn to collapse, I also found that the EPAS motor and sensor are easily replaceable - althought MG Rover state they are not.
I am not aware of many people with Fs who required a new column - unless yours was in an accident and the plastic pegs broke then I can see no reason for it to be replaced (unless of course you had an EPAS fault).
Jason H
Jason H

I had a problem with the steering column on my 98 VVC. It would almost feel like it was slipping slightly one way. I could tell there was a problem where the motor assists the column by holding the holding the foot of the column and gently moving the steering.

Dealer wanted 500 + fitting which I refused to pay. Got a secondhand one from MGF centre for 120 and they are very easy to fit. Cured my problem.

A dealer is normally obliged to use new parts from MG.
I would guess that MGR do not have a spares / repair contract with the EPAS supplier (Mitsubishi?), and only have a contract to buy x number of complete units.

At least you did the sensible thing and bought elsewhere.

I had steering column problems. Car wanted to turn left at low speeds. One dealer jacked up the front of the car and started the engine. The wheels turned left by themselves. He said "Had this before, you need a new steering column". I took it to bits and adjusted the sensor. Hard to get at, easy to adjust. The cars been fine ever since.

The steering feels stiff, on occasions, when turning right. According to the garage the sensor has gone.

Thanks for all your help on this.


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