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MG MGF Technical - Steering connector shaft

Has anyone else out there in MG land had problems with play (Backlash) in the connecting shaft between the EPAS and the rack pinion. My 98 VVC has only covered 26000 and there is about 10 degres of play felt through the wheel.

IJ Blanch

The connecting shaft between the column and the rack is about 12 inches long and has two universal joints - If this has play in it then one of the joints must have gone - this would be easy to see by looking at the joint in the footwell.
If the joints are okay then the problem could be in the actual column - it is in 2 parts, joined by plastic connectors which break in the event of a large impact to collapse the shaft in an accident. If these have broken then the two parts of the column may have some play in them - this would be seen as the steering wheel moving, but the bottom of the column not moving.
Let us know what you find - I may have some spare parts to help ypu.
Jason H
Jason H

This thread was discussed on 02/12/2002

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