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MG MGF Technical - Steering Problem - Veering to the left

I have a 2000 1.8i MGF and the steering keeps veering to the left at slow speeds. However when driving above say 20mph it drives totally straight. I have just changed the brake pads and disks so I know it's not that. I did try removing the power steering fuse to see what would happen - without it it steers straight but when I put it back in the problem returns. It does make me think it might be the power steering itself.

Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated - I unfortunately need to sell the car and I can't sell it with the current problem. If it is the power steering will it be a major (expensive job?)


Helen Baldwin

Helen, if you search through the site's archives (membership required, but absolutely free), you'll find that this is a problem that has been reported before. As you say, it's a problem with the EPAS - more often than not, with a poor electrical connection to the EPAS ECU (which is mounted above the glovebox). Rather than expensive replacement, try some electrical spray on contact cleaner on all the electrical connections. Spray costs 5 quid...
Rob Bell

I had the same on my 2000 vvc. Its most likely the sensor on the steering column. They always seem to pull to the left. If you jack up the car so both front wheels are off the floor and start the car, if it's the sensor, each time you put the steering wheel straight ahead and let go, the steering wheel will turn to the left. Its a bit of a fiddle but you can test the sensor with a battery and multimeter and prove the EPAS ECU with 4 1K resistors. Even though Rover don't advise adjusting the sensor, I did it and saved myself 400 quid plus labour. If you (or you know someone) who can have a go, email me and I'll send you how I did it. It took me an afternoon and a couple of pounds for a security torque tool to undo the screws.

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