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MG MGF Technical - Steering Problems! Please help!!!

Hi all,

I have an MGF 1.8i VVC Abingdon (R-reg), and I'm having a major steering problem, as follows:

- If I drive straight, it drives okay with the steering wheel horizontal
- If I drive straight and make a RIGHT turn, and then re-centralise the steering wheel, the wheel is perfectly horizontal (so far so good..)
- BUT, if I drive straight and then make a LEFT turn, when I centralise the steering wheel, the car drives perfectly straight, but the steering wheel if off-center by about 20 degrees to the left!!

In order to get the steering wheel horizontal again I need to make another hard right turn...

This is quite worrying as the steering alignment is varying continuously! MG/Rover do not have a clue whats wrong, and neither has anyone else that I have asked...

Can anyone help....???




Hmmm, sounds nasty! Not heard anything like this before, but just off the top of my head 3 possibilities spring to mind...

1. Tracking adjustment nut(s) not fully tightened up / stripped thread. Not sure if this would cause what your experiencing but in theory, if it wasn't done up then as you turn the wheel it would change the tracking settings & may cause the steering wheel de-centralise.

2. Missing teeth on the steering rack / pinion jumping on the steering rack.

3. EPAS mechanism playing up - don't know much about the EPAS set up as Scarlet is an early 1.8i, but could be a cause i suppose.

Anyway, there are my three thoeries. Rog is probably the best person to answer this one as he knows of more F related trivia than i do!!!

Hope this helps.

Scarlet Fever

Crikey- that doesn't sound good Shash.

I had similar thoughts to Andy- the track control arm appears not to be maintaining a constant length.

Have to ask a few more questions:

1. What tests have Rover performed on your car attempting to determine the problem?

2. How is the steering feel affected? Normal, or is it badly affected?

3. How is the handling affected?

It sounds as though this is a serious problem, and would not recommend that you drive the car until a solution is found.

Rob Bell

Sounds as though the toe adjustment is out and the car follows one wheel until you turn, then follows the other wheel. Have seen the same thing with other cars with bad tie rods.
George B.

Hi all (again!),

Thanks for all the suggestions.. In answer to your questions Rob..

1) Rover havent performed any tests yet, but it was in with them last week, for tracking and wheel alignment, would you believe (after which the problems started). It's going back to them next Thursday, but to tell the truth I have lost confidence in them (The dealership is Stratstone of Mayfair - AKA Park Lane Rover/MG - and the service dept is in Kings Cross).

2) Steering feels extremely unsure of itself. I have to make constant course corrections to stay straight - like it's wobbling from left to right!

3) Needless to say, handling is comprimised!

As for the other suggestions, I will try and check those possibilities out before the car goes back to MG.. They actually believe the problem lies in the camber arm being out by 0.5 degrees, and want to replace that - at MY expense (a tidy sum of 360, including another wheel alignment - they have charged me almost 300 already for the last messed up alignment and one new tyre!)!!

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated..



If you can confirm without question that the condition was not present before the suspension settings were altered, and then present once they had reset them then there is no doubt in my mind that they have induced the problem. Whether this is through simple alterationb of the settings, which is quite feasible or any other adjustments or even damage thay may have made, it is down to them. You will have to stand your ground though.

It may be in your interests to have the suspension settings measured and recorded by a third party, additional cost, but when presented with facts on paper your cause is somewhat stronger.

Roger Parker

I'm sure in a previous thread somewhere that someone
was complaining about the service received by this Dealership..


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Paul Lathwell

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