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MG MGF Technical - Steering rack bites the dust ...

Well, having suffered from a vibrating steering wheel for about 9 months my *F* failed its MOT. "Excessive play in steering rack", new rack is 240GBP plus labour on top of that. My 48K service came upto 168GBP. Diagnosing faulty water temp sensor and sticky clutch pedal (requires clutch slave cylinder) and fixing excessive slack in hood came up to 53GBP.

Expensive start to the year ...

Technician said steering rack should not fail that easily. I put it down to hitting the kerb very hard about a year ago - front passenger side alloy damaged and rear passenger side tyre blown. At the time all felt OK but steering was misaligned (subsequently "straightened" ) and has never felt solid ever since.


I agree with your Technician. The rack problem is residual damage coming through. I would also bite the bullet and renew rather than consider reconditioning as any misalignment will be replaced with the new rack.

Roger Parker

Oh gosh.. I hit the curb pretty hard about 2 months ago, and my F has been in for two re-alignments since.. And it still doesnt feel solid anymore.. Could I also have suffered a damaged rack?! I hope to heck not! I actually blew out both passenger side tyres (and unfortunately at a time when there were no Eagle F1's in the country.. had to wait 4 weeks to replace em.. luckily found some part-worns after a week..) :(

How do I check if the rack is damaged??


Shashi Dookhee

>steering rack


A totally bended LHD subframe, bended steering rack in front.

>clutch slave cylinder

I'm sorry for your problems, but things happen.
240 quid for the rack... Urrgggh :(

Dieter Koennecke

Well, here's the damage ...

For new steering rack brought on by hitting kerb:
Rack assembly GSR 3379 - 236.39GBP
Labour - 108GBP

Sticky clutch:
Clutch slave cylinder GSY 90180 - 49.38GBP
Fitting - 60GBP

All plus VAT ...

Looks like I'll be staying at home for the next two months whilst my wallet recovers ...


Slightly off topic... Is there a quick rack available for the F?

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