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MG MGF Technical - steering wheel

I have a 97 vvc and would like to fit the 2000yr central air bag cover with the MG badge.

Has anyone else done this or do I need to take to garage, and any ideas on price?


DONT mess with air bags or their covers - get the garage to do it, or at least someone with the correct experience and skill.

Ted Newman


Not sure how big the mod is, but try talking to Mike Satur, he's bound to know.


Like to underline what Ted said.

Even if you know how to dismantle anything of the SRS system. Those parts are sensitive to blow just only from any electrostatic discharge at the open contacts.

Dieter Koennecke

The airbag and pretty badge are all one unit that is held in place by 2 screws on the reverse side of the steering wheel.

I suspect a new airbag is not going to be cheap and suspect they will be rather fussy about how they ship it as I assume the Post Office would not be happy about carrying explosives. I suspect they will also use this to insist that you get a trained garage mechanic to change the unit. My feeling is however that it a car mechanic can do it then it ain't difficult.

However lets us not get too stressed about the danger of this device. If you want to mess around with it you need to disconnect the car battery and leave the 15 minutes. You can then unscrew the unit with the correct "star" type (torq?) head. Once the bolts are out you can CAREFULY lift the airbag out of the steering wheel. You will find a single small plug with 2 wired connected to the airbag. Just unplug and you are holding the airbag!

Reassembly is the reverse process!

I did it to change the steering wheel. I confess when disconnecting and reconnecting the electricity to the airbag I did it with the unit at arms length with me outside the car looking through the windscreen!

I assume the airbag is not rocket science with the car's electronics checking that it has a small current flow though the airbag. Detonation is presumably caused by sending a big current through the circuit. After all my messing about, the unit still passes the car's SRS test. I hope I never have to find out whether the unit will actually deploy!



This thread was discussed on 01/07/2002

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