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MG MGF Technical - Steering wheel 90deg out, general steering problem


Several parts to my problem i guess....

Firstly i have a 97 VVC. The steering feels unresponsive at the moment, although i have no fault lights. The steering wheel has moved 90 deg ( clockwise ) and so now its pointing to 3 oclock when driving straight.

I jacked it up this afternoon and the car is not steering itself....

I wonder, what can cause the steering wheel to change so dramatically in alignment? Apart from this, is there an easy way to quckly disable the EPAS to see if the steering feel returns to something reasonable?

A local garage has advised my to replace the epas motor, but i've lost a little confidence in them, as they have told me several times the steering was fine.

THanks in advance, i'm car-less without a response :(


Under the bonnet is a large 75 amp fuse - this is the PAS steering fuse and you remove (pull out) this fuse and try that. No problems with doing this as many of have tried the steering this way.

Rob Bell even has a cartoon relating to it somewhere!!
Ted Newman


Does anyone have any ideas about the 90 deg part of the steering wheel? Could this be just down to the wheel alignment being out? or could it be a symptom of something more serious?

Like i said, if my local garage thinks the motor needs replacing, WHY would te steering wheel be out of alignement?



I've got a small update.....

I took the car out for a quick test drive after removing the PAS fuse. The car seemed much harder to turn to the left than to the right. Any thoughts?



The simplest cause is a bent track rod arm possibly caused by hitting a kerb. This upsets the tracking and you are compensating for one wheel beng out of alignment with the steering. If you continue to drive you will suffer excessive tyre wear.

Check for damage underneath and get the tracking checked.


Did it happen suddenly (probably kerbing/pothole damage) or gradually?

May seem obvious, but have you checked your tyre wear, pressures and compared ride height left and right? You should probably get your four wheel alignment checked - front tracking is adjusted from the track rod ends and if these are adjusted to different lengths than your steering wheel wont be straight. To see if this is a problem count steering wheel turns from wheels straight ahead to full lock left and right.

If all is fine its a fairly simple task to take the steering wheel off and re-centralise it. Basically disconnect the battery for 10 mins, gingerly remove the airbag (2 torx screws in the back) undo the electrical connector and undo the big nut! Words and pictures on Scarlet Fever's site.
P Davey

That famous Fuse cartoon remains on-line!
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob
Ted Newman

Regardless of the EPAS, the Steering wheel to the front wheels is a direct mechanical linkage. 90 Degrees change is extrordinary showing a serious problem.
Tech-Speed are just down the road from you at Eathorpe.
Tel, 01926 632066. They come highly recommended from many on this BBS both for their expertise and fair prices.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

If it has suddenly happened, the "car" has either hit something and bent a control arm or something serious has broken - BEWARE!

Quite agree!
Rob Bell

ive got the same problem but its not as far out as yours my steering wheel points to the right and the car pulls to the left b4 i was aware of the problem the inside of my tyres were bald to so i asked on here wat could be my problem a lot of people try,d to help but with no joy anyway i went and got my tracking done ,hydro gas pumped up as back drivers side was down a little two new tyres and none of this help with my broblem this was about 3 months ago the only thing that i can think that happend was i went over a speed bump with some speed as it only been there a few hours and did not know it was there my tyres are not waring down anymore so ive just left it at that
pd dixon

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