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MG MGF Technical - Steering wheel alignment

Hi all

Was wondering wether it is possible to replace a S wheel and incorrectly align it. The reason I ask is that i recently changed mine and when i replaced it i noted that the spleen and the recepter on the wheel itself had a notch that seemed to ensure that the wheel could only be placed correctly.

recently however, I have noticed that the wheel often apears to be slightly inclined to the left. Never noticed this before.

Could this be a tracking issue or is it possible to misalign the steering wheel?
Tony L

Multi-tooth shaft (spelling?) is there, no single notch.

>slightly inclined to the left

Might be 40 to 50 of tooth. So one out may result in more than 7 to 8 degrees misalignement. Not just _slightly_

I'd bet on tracking. Wherein I'd recommend to check at first for worn ball joints, wheel bearings and rubber bushes before having a track alignement.


Thanks for thie swift reply Dieter.

On your picture of the wheel at the shaft end there is a notch visible. This is what I was refering to. On the end of the steering wheel shaft is a protruding notch which i assume mates with the one on the wheel. I was under the impression that if these were aligned properly the wheel will be fitted correctly. I may of course be wrong?

Anyway, going to have another look at the weekend.
The car is a new TF so I would hope the tracking is all ok.
Tony L

>at the shaft end there is a notch visible.3

The both notches are the _drive_ for the rotary coupler. Between these notches and the coupler is a kind of washer with upright bent brackets.
Marked here

Other images on the subject

>The car is a new TF so I would hope the tracking is all ok.
?????? ;-)
Tony, it's an MG !! ;)


Yes those are the notches. So if I adjust the wheel by a tooth I will still be able to align the notches correctly? Sorry if I'm being little thick!

Re; tracking I'm having x power springs fitted next week so tracking should be put right if needed.

Vielen Dank
Tony L

Ok so I worked it out the coupler rotates so that the notches can be aligned. So adjustment to the steering wheel is of course possible.

Trouble is getting it right is tricky! and a matter of trial and error.
Tony L

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