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MG MGF Technical - Steering wheel alignment

Another year, another MOT failure on my 11 year old VVC. This time with "excessive play" on track rod end ball joints.

Fixed for a hundred quid, but left with steering wheel 30 degrees off centre when driving straight. Is it an easy job to re-align the steering wheel? Should the garage fix it FOC. I'd do it myself if it's not too difficult! Anyone who has had, or tackled this problem, advice would be very welcome.

M King

Take it back to the garage. Seems a pretty poor show to have left it off centre. I would be concerned if they have got the tracking correct if its that far out.

Mine failed on the same thing this year, replaced mine myself, i counted the number of turns to take the old one off and then replaced the new one the same number back. Still took it to Elite's in Essex to get laser alignment though, very difficult to get it dead right without the right equipment though mate...

Get them to do it properly, or you'll wear one or both front tires out in next to no time! The link that's too short will turn the inside wheel too much, which will cause it to scrub off the inside of the tread - the outer wheel is more heavily loaded in the turn, so it is the one that controls the path the car follows. The inside one is dragged protesting rather sideways!
Mike Cunningham

This thread was discussed on 16/12/2008

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