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MG MGF Technical - Steering Wheel change.

Has anybody changed the original F steering wheel to an after market item without airbag?.
If so what involved re-air bag and SRS wiring/systems?



I could be wrong (haven't even bothered to look yet) but there should be instructions on disarming and isolating the SRS, and instructions for removing airbag, in the Workshop Manual (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Also have a look at Scarlet Fever's website: - has instructions on removal of the steering wheel etc.

The question of the SRS is another issue: without the airbag, the SRS ECU will log a fault, and disable the whole system. I think that there is a solution to this (replace the airbag module with a resistor - or something similar to that) - but you'll need to take advice on that: this isn't something that I've attempted.
Rob Bell

Cheers JP/Rob.

Didnt think there would be so much to it, may just go like for like, only leather!

I liked the leather wheel on my F but prefer the TF wheels - seems to have a slightly thinner rim?

You're right John - they've changed the profile of the 'wheel - and they look quite different too.
Rob Bell

MARK ,our mate (thanks)has he not got a red and black leather wheel to match your car? the breakers ,its all personal taste but i think your f would look top with this wheel ,and i envey your alloys..........cheers mel...
m e johnson

Thanks Mel.
Thing is, have binned the original naff red interior and gone down the black/silver route, so need a black/silver wheel to match!.
Plenty of the red and green ones about, but not many silver/black, well not at reasonable money anyway :o( .

i,ve got my old synthetic wheel you can have for nil,if you wanted to try the foiltec spray in stratos silver,its suppose to colour plastid metal cloth it soaks in and does not ware off i did my instument cowell,and was pleased with result PIC on dave c ,web,only an idea,i,m full of them,good in theory,but might not be practical,also some on ebay i think have been done this way ,so be ware,they don,t mention that they have been sprayed,, cheers mel..
m e johnson

Yep your right JonP,iv'e upgraded to TF wheel as quite a lot thinner,have also thought about going without airbag type and still sitting on that one at mo, Dave
DC Morris T6 DCM

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