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MG MGF Technical - Steering Wheel Change

Just purchased a new wheel any ideas how to disarm airbag to allow fitting?
cheers Andy
Andy Goddard

Disconnect the battery for a minimum of 10 minutes to allow the SRS ECU to discharge, and then you should be fine to remove the steering wheel.

There's more information on this procedure on Scarlet's website:
Rob Bell

Thanks for the plug Rob :-)

Surf to:
Click on the REBUILD link
Select the gallery titled: 24th May - Wing, Steering Wheel
Click on the 7th thumbnail, and then click the NEXT PICTURE button until all instructions have been viewed.

Scarlet Fever

For refit you should know:
- The Workshop manual say 'you need a new nut and tighten to 50 Nm’.
It is a self sure nut, but I think if is not damage it is not necessary to change it every time. Never saw loosing itself such a big nut, when tighten to 50 Nm.

- Notice the direction of the plug at the air bag module, (wire to the top), it fit a little bit strange.


Torsten Ohms

i,ve done it and is dead easy,i can photo copy from manual and send if you like, twenty mins job.....................
m e johnson

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