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MG MGF Technical - Steering wheel removal

Hi guys,

I've just bought a 96 1.8i. Price was good but I had to accept a few faults to achieve it. The main problem is that the wiper stalk is broken internally and althogh it's still working I suspect it may soon die. Victoria can supply the spare assembly and says that I just need to remove the airbag and steering wheel to do it. Can anyone advise me of the procedure for this or of where this information might be ? I also suspect I may need a large spanner for the steering wheel nut, anyone have any idea of the required size.
D M Smith

Hi there,

You need a TX30 screw-driver attachment to remove the two bolts that hold the airbag on; and a 19mm socket (with extender probably) to remove the steering wheel nut - I had a handy wheel brace that fitted this.

Remember to put back on; I think that the bolt needs to be torqued to 50nm - but as I'm at work :( I don't have this info to hand.

Hope that gets you started; I'm sure someone will be along soon with more info (Dieter's site for example - sorry don't know URL).

Good Luck,

Andy SF Phillips is the man you want to talk to. Have a peek at his rebuild site ( - but I think that the steering wheel work has just been published in MG World...
Rob Bell

Thanks for your advice Rob and Colin. I think I have the idea now. I was worried about the airbag more than anything else. What a great bunch of people on this BBS.


David Smith
David Smith
Some pix on the subject.
I think Andy has the steering wheel still on ;)
Dieter K.

Andy helped replace the steering wheel in my car on Saturday (nice new TF leather wheel courtesy of Victoria, naturally).

Piece of cake to fit.

Just remember to un-plug the battery for 20minutes or more (time enough to make a cup of tea)

Once the air bag is removed place it 'sunnyside up' out side the car. This way if it does go off it won't fly over the place.

above all MAKE SURE THE WHEEL IS CORRECTLY CENTRED BEFORE REMoVING THE WHEEL. otherwise you'll put the wheel back on and it will be off centre. Really annoying!

once the battery was disconnected it took about 5 mins total including rewiring a hooter button.
tim woolcott

You called? ;-)

Yep, really easy job, but you should take a few precautions regarding the airbag.

I will put the precautions on here, but as i have just written an article on this in the current issue of MG World magazine i shouldn't really put the method on here as it is such a public forum. If you want the full instructions Email me on >> << and i'll send them over to you OK?

Airbag Precautions:

Firstly, disconnect the battery (both terminals) and leave the car for a good 20 minutes. The SRS system has a battery backup and this needs time to discharge fully. According to the workshop manual, any works with the SRS wiring (i.e. disconnecting the airbag) whilst there is some residual current in there runs the risk of accidental deployment - not a good idea! :-)

Secondly, with the airbag out, do not place it pad side down (if it goes off it will be catapaulted accross the room)!

Likewise, do not put anything on it :-)

If you are to store it for a while, keep it seperate from other items (preferably in a cage - what? you don't have a cage in your garage?) ;-) Obviously, protect from frost etc etc.


Do not rotate the rotary coupler behind the wheel if you can help it (it's easy to break).

Hope this helps, when the next issue of MG World is out i'll put the full instructions on the SOS site, until then i suppose i should be promoting the magazine! ;-)

Scarlet Fever

>> I think Andy has the steering wheel still on ;) <<

True! Although i had to remove it to get the dash out.

I bought a wood rim wheel from Midland MGF and got Jason to swap it for me.

I then put the old one back and then swaped it for the new one again, photographing the method for the MG World article.

Then i removed the wood rim after the accident in case the insurers wanted to take the car, swapping it again for the old one.

Then i removed the old wheel to take the dash out.

Then i put it back again so that (once the wheel is back under the wheel arch) i can steer the car into the garage.

So, i have a little experience with steering wheels now!!

Plus, i helped Tim swap his one the other weekend too... :-)

Scarlet Fever

Truth, your addicted Andy.

Anybody else want to satisfy Andy's craving for steering wheel changing......

May be you need to sign up with SWA (Steering Wheel Anonymous)
tim woolcott

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