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MG MGF Technical - steering wheel shake (rattle n roll)!

Hi All

I have always had a fair amount of shake comming through the steering wheel, I do not have PAS. I have kinda learnt to live with this, as I think it might be related to the cross member. However I have now got a new problem!!!

Here goes; If I hold the steering wheel with both hads i can move it about 1cm left or right. Now this is a little worrying, wonder if anyone else has ever suffered this problem? is it easyly fixed?

Kindest Regards


N449 GYG, 1.8i BRG.

PS Welcome back Yoram!!!
sunil kshirsagar

Do you mean "move" or "turn" the wheel?

If you mean "move" then...
The wheel can move left and right as an adjustment only. This is simply not tight.

If you mean turn...
I think this means that there's something wrong with the steering rack if you havethis amount of play in the wheel without anything happening at the road wheels.

As for general vibration... have you checked the wheel balance and the like?

Paul Nothard

If (as Paul has ssiad) you do mean move the wheel rather than turn it then this is likely to be down to the fixing bolts into the chassis. The bolts could be loose, or alternatively the bolts go through some capture washers in the coloumn. These captive washers are spot welded onto the column and it could be that the vibration has broken the spot weld, this would mean that although the bolt would be tight, the column could still move.
Should be fairly easy to see under the wheel.
Jason H
Jason H

Hi Paul/ Jason

I don't mean turn the steering wheel, but there is lateral movement of the steering wheel column. This makes me think that perhaps the fixing bolts, as you quite rightly say Jason, are lose.

Has anyone else ever encountered this problem and how easy is it to get to the bolts ??

Kindest Regards

sunil kshirsagar

I had exactly that problem with a loan car.

It is "safe" to drive in that the wheel will not fall off, but it was a simple matter of tightening two adjustment bolts unerneath the cosmetic plastic.

From memory there are nylon "slides" that clamp the lateral movement of the steeting wheel. Look for the white plastic.

Anyone got a manual to hand to confirm?

Paul Nothard

I've got something similar ... in stationary traffic my wheel vibrates vertically ... I can't really move the wheel as Sunil describes either vertically or horizontally. Could this be the same problem ?

Gaz R

Thanks Chaps

I am driving upto Manchester next week so was a little worried that I might end up having a little to much fun on the journey up/ back.

I'll try and have a look at some point over the weekend. If anyone can confirm how to remove the plastic cover from the userside of the wheel column that would be great!

Kindest Regards


sunil kshirsagar

Sunil, the column is mounted to the cross beam brackets with some taper spacers that are fixed to the column with plastic shear rivets, if these have sheared then you will get movement in the column. This can occur if 1,the car has been in an accident2, excessive force has been put onto the steering wheel say for example pushing a broken down car with the window down and pushing/steering the car with the wheel, especially if the power steering is inop.I guess it would be possible to repair this by plastic pins inserting into the spacers and the spacer mounts .Do not use metal pins as this would not allow the column to colapse on impact in the event of an accident,if in doubt change the column or at least inspect for signs of damage or misalignment.Three posi headed screws to remove the lower section of the cowl.Good luck.

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