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MG MGF Technical - Steering Wheel Vibration

I've noticed recently that the steering wheel vibrates slightly when the car is stationary and idling. Any ideas on whats causing this and how do i get rid of it ???


Hi Gaz,

- ride hight check and correction to the hight at the last date of 4 wheel alignement. (368mm +-10)
- wheel change side to side
- wheel balance check
- 4 wheel alignement
.. or replacement of worn parts

Dieter that lot relevant when you are 'stationary and idling'...?

Hi Dieter,

Er ... sorry but IMO your solutions will not change anything to Gaz's problem as it happens when his car is stopped (or almost). I don't personaly have the answer neither ;-(

Nevertheless, your advice ca be very helpful .......... for me ;-)

I have some vibrations coming from the steering wheel at high speed actually.
Moreover, I discovered that my front tyres are worn in the inside.
Do you recomend to change the tyres side to side when they are already worn?

As we are talking about vibrations, I have some in the "speed indicator" (pardon my poor technical English skill) - you know, that bit of plastic in the dashboard showing you how quick you are driving - at any speed. Any idea?

I'll go to the dealer next week, I've already prepared a check list for him !

121 CCK 92

Worn engine mounts!

Badly set up engine!

Poor grade petrol!

Car needs service!

Ted Newman

Hi all,

> that lot relevant when you are 'stationary and idling'...?

but I tried my very best... ;-)

Gaz, go for Teds advice and keep mine for riding conditions.



Thanks guyz, actually I am overdue the 36K service and I have noticed 'idle revs' can sometimes be slightly erratic. Will book it in ...



you can swap your tyres side to side.
If they are non directional, you can swap the wheels.
If directional, you they tyres have to be removed from the rims and put in the other side.
Swapping your tyres will extend their life, providing their not worn too far.
But it won't cure the problem.
A proper tracking has to be done, but it's better to do it with new tyres fitted.

Turn the bass down on your ICE?
N837 OGF


Merci pour le conseil.

I'll go the dealer next week and see what he suggests.



>If they are non directional, you can swap the wheels.

If you swap the wheels, the inner edge will still be in the inside and will continue to wear.
I need to remove the tyres from the wheel and to invert them IMO

I got Goodyear Ventura (directional) for the rear wheels recently. What should I go for the front tyres if I think about changing them?



I'm confused, it was really stupid !
I've had once my front tyres swapped from wheels. It gave about 5k miles more than I would have had without swapping them.

Re. new tyres, if you have 15" wheels, I really recommend Bridgestone Potenza S-02 Pole Position.
For the front, choose 195/50 instead of 205/50, it's a good compromise and they are a lot cheaper.
I bought them last year around 3000 BEF each (the 195, not the 205), what is a good price.

Browse the archive with the keywords "S02" or "S-02", you'll only find compliments ...


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