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MG MGF Technical - Steering wheel vibration

How come when travelling at between 70 & 80mph I get vibrations through the steering wheel, I've had the full 4 wheel alignment done by Brown & Gammons only last month. Can anybody help?
Geoff Eaton

Yes, sounds like wheel balance is out. Get the balance checked on your wheels at a tyre place. Sometimes this is due to bad balancing when a tyre is fitted or when one of the weights drops off.

I find when it's a tracking problem I get a wobble in the steering throuhout the speed range when it's balance it normally seems to occur at a paticular speed range and is more of a vibration than a wobble.
Tony Smith

The stick-on wheel weights used on Mgf Alloy Wheels can
sometimes fall-off,
Check to see if this is whats happened.

I don't know how accurate I am in saying this Geoff, but I've noticed that it depends on whether it is a front or rear wheel the effects how the vibrations is felt through the car. IMO, it would seems a rear wheel out of balance causes a general vibration at certain speed ranges, while a front wheel out of balance seems to provoke more vibration through the steering wheel. In the later case you actually feel the steering wheel moving slightly from side to side.
Paul Lathwell

Yes Paul, I felt a rear balance problem (vibration) through my seat (and the rest of the car) and when I had the problem at the front it was felt more throught the steering.
Tony Smith

This thread was discussed between 08/07/2000 and 10/07/2000

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