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MG MGF Technical - Sticky Steering

Since the damp mornings of February, I've noticed a new querk on my 99 VVC which I've not experienced in the 2 years i've had the car.

When starting some drives, the first time I go to steer round a right-hand corner, it's as if the power steering cuts for a second or two, and I have to apply more pressure to the steering wheel.

I've had the old classic where moisture gets into the fuse for the p/steering on the right-hand side under the bonnet, but that set the warning light off, that time.

There are no lights, and after a bit of F1 tyre-warming activity (ie. wiggling the car left and right) the problem goes away).

I'll take the car back to the garage under the few months left of its warranty, but does anyone know what it could be please?

Regards, Tony V907 LOB. Featured in the March 03 MGF Newsletter in Safety Fast.
Tony White

New steering column Tiger

Yep I agree with Mike. Had exactly the same on my previous F and had to have a replacement column. It's a design fault with the EPAS sensor unit and always seems to show itself as a fault on right hand turning. It was a damned pricey job as well I'm afraid.

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