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MG MGF Technical - Sticky Throttle Anyone??

remember reading on the BBS a while back about someone having the same problems- sticky throttle was my problem at first i.e. the throttle does not go down smoothly but have to push it hard to make it go down so the drive becomes quite jerky but today it stayed down when I took my foot up to brake and change gears!! luckily I had my foot down on the clutch so the car did not accelerate but it happened twice in the space of 5 minutes and was pretty hairy. any ideas what might be wrong - so that I can TELL the MG guys at the garage what to look at, they are THAT good.

Three possible areas.

1, at the throttle body - easily checked with the access grille removed and hand operating the throttle.

2, Throttle pedal sticking - due to being caught up on some interior fitting or other object. If this is the problem then you should be able to pull the pedal back up with your foot, or if you grovel in the footwell with a lamp you should be able to see this.

3, Cable sticking due to kinking, chaffing or too dry between the inner cable and the sheath between this and the outer cable. This is easy to define since items 1 and 3 will be checked and seen to be ok. The trottle stuck open and the pedal should be all limp and floppy!! IOW you can pull the pedal back up but it just flops about. Manually closing the throttle at the engine will show resistance. This is often just a cable routing problem, however I can think of about another half dozen possible causes for this, but even the half brain dead should be able to work through most of these!!

Roger Parker

some F'ers here suffer recently and several time ago too of this problem. One of them just told of any more or less official instruction to the MG-workshops (He was told so by his dealer). I guess any bulletin, stating to overhaul the throttle body.

Anything known on that from the UK side ?


there was an official recall for this problem...
Dirk Vael

>there was an official recall for this problem...

Have not seen this in the UK.

Ted Newman

Had the problem. No recall either - I checked.
For me, the problem was a mucky throttle body.
Cleaned, rebuilt and worked perfectly ever since.


I had this problem too. Very irritating !!

My dealer replaced the whole throttle assembly at the 24000 service. Under warranry of course.


Oh guys,
official stuff exists as bulletin, stating something related to wrong clamps used app 1 or 2 years ago.

I sounds as if at VINs under 40k or what, sometimes where not used the simple spring clamps, but hard clamping thread clamps. Those where too, sometimes thigtened to much und this bends the throttle body...
IMO no reason to panic, your MG service should have known that and replaced or slightly tightend the hard clmping thing.
Ahmmm, are you sure ?? ;-)

And now, careful follow up thinking of the old german engineer ...

HAVE YOU ALL powerful PERFOMANCE FILTER USERS screwed your K&N, Pipercross, and so on very careful to the throttle body, or not ?

I'll have look at mine, immidiately !!

PS. that is not the only reason or solution, only one of more, as already stated by Rog

Dieter ACC 4th reason

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