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MG MGF Technical - Stiff stearing?

Hi All,

It's been a while since I posted here which must mean my baby is running sweet. That's a good thing!

However, I have been noticing an odd situation which I'm hoping someone can help out with. Every now and then, my steering will get a little stiff, especially at ow speeds. It's almost like the power stearing assist drops out - but just for a fraction of a second.

Also, when driving, the steering sometimes feels a like I move the wheel, but the wheels don't turn, again for just a fraction of a second. I feel a slight "clunk" through the steering.

None of these things cause driving to be dangerous, but it is something I'd like to know how to fix if it needs fixing - or is it just one of those MGF quirks?

I have a '99 MG-F by the way.

Any ideas?


S Foster

have the front wishbone bushes looked at
if need replacing get them at the MG centre have you got any excessive tire wear ? I ust had mine done and the feel of the car is now so good feels like new ... copy paste that and look at the front bushes ...really great price too ...good luck
RP Armitage

This certainly isn't normal behaviour Sonny - and I would suggest that you get the suspension checked out. I've not had anything quite like this, so can't suggest a particular cause, but do check the ball joints etc

When you get to the bottom of this, please do let us know how you solved it! :o)
Rob Bell


Is it when your turning to the right, the wheel feels like it sticks then clunk then free. If this is the case it might be the first sign of the EPAS steer to the left problem and the sensor needing resetting. My MGF did that, you sometimes think that the wheel is stuck, when turning to the right. Try this:- In say a flat quiet car park. Drive the car straight at say 10 mph then let it free wheel and slow down and (letting go of the steering wheel, be careful though) see if the steering turns left by itself as it slows to a halt, if so, the steering EPAS might be turning the steering. The problem goes away at higher speeds as the assistance is less however the motor still has to follow whatever turning input your applying to the steering, otherwide the steering appears to stick, then click, the motor turns and frees it after a split second.
Another hint of the problem is that sometimes as you start the car the steering wheel turns a bit by itself (just a little).

I hopr this is useful

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