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MG MGF Technical - Still idling badly

Further to my earlier thread of lumpy rough idle 28/6/03, the problem still persists.

Changed original plugs for set Champion EON1 and gapped correctly as per recommendations from this board.

Car starts fine and performs really well and it feels more responsive.
But the idle at 850rpm falters and sometimes stalls and there is a slight hesitancy/light misfire on light throtte openings in third or fourth gear at about 1800rpm.

I think from reading archives that the leads need replacement as they are four years old. Am I on the right track here please?

Help and suggestions much appreciated.

Tony Harrison 1999 VVC
Tony Harrison

I am sure people will suggest changing the leads.., but be aware.
I have had the same problem and took the leads first route (the concensus from Rover was its leads or coil and leads are cheaper).
However, a few hundred quid lighter (that's leads, then back a month later for the coil) and there is no change and Rover won't refund me for either.. - even tried to charge me 400 testing fees!
Bare in mind that my car is still on warrantee too!!!!

Neil H

Tony, I would change the ignition leads. B&G et al sell excellent magnecor items that are cheap and work very well.

Your problems boil down to fuelling or ignition. At present, my feelings are that this sounds like a weak spark problem - so replace the leads and take stock (you'll going to have to replace the leads soon, so this is not wasted investment).
Rob Bell

Thank you Neil & Rob.
I must have disturbed the leads when replacing plugs. Have ordered the set an hour ago from B & G.
Will let you know after the fitment.
Thanks both for your input.

Tony Harrison

What kind of condition is your battery in? A similar problem with two of my cars turned out to be a collapsed cell supplying under reccomended voltage, despite the charging system being fine.
Grant Vowles

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