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MG MGF Technical - Stink of petrol

Recently acquired a 1998 1.8VVC to keep the '78 midget company in the garage. It stinks of petrol when we first get in hot or cold and whiffs a bit when you ask it to work hard. Seems to get stronger in relation to the amount of fuel in the tank. Seems to be travelling up the centre void where the handbrake cables run, that is, with the storage bin removed the smell is much more apparant. Any reports on successful remedies would be welcome.
Adam Price


suggest to getting a member of the BBS and look up the archives for *fuelsmell*

Or/and see here for a stretegy to find cause and solutions.


Thanks for that, Dieter, useful stuff. Looks like I might have bought myself a lot of work!

A. H. Price

Hi Adam,
Have you already tried to fill the tank? Check if it leaks fuel on the floor or on the rear tyre.
First Check rubber hose in the end of the fuel metallic pipe that leads to the tank, that might be your problem.

I already had this fuel smell problem two times but with different causes. First in the first year, and the fuel tank was replace under MGR warranty, and last year was that rubber hose, it was very simple DIY thanks to Dieter's website.

Good luck

Joćo Barros Gomes

98 F 1.8i > 71 BGT > 73 B
Joao Barros Gomes

My car smelled of fuel everytime I got in it. Sometimes worse than others. Rover dealership could never solve it but were glad to take my car in time after time as they were helping to take money from Longbridge to help close them down.Now the dealership is closed too.Good eh?
They told me that it could be the locking petrol cap and got me a new one.
I put a temporary 99p plastic petrol cap on car and the problem disappeared.So for 12 months instead of nice shiny petrol cap the plastic one worked as it must have been venting properly.Now to solve the problem I took the rubber seal off the shiny one put it back on car,fits a bit loose but does the job and looks good again.
Kate Green

My thanks to Dieter, Joao and Kate. There is no leakage / spillage when filling so I will try Kate's quick fix first and if it works I will follow Dieter's advice when time permits. I assume from Kate's success that the tank is pressurised in some way, am I right? Adam
A. H. Price

Took a 20mm nick out of the perimeter of the tank cap seal so that it vented but didn't rattle and the smell of fuel is much reduced. I will have to do the full investigation when time permits. Thanks again to those who contributed. Adam
A. H. Price

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