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MG MGF Technical - Storing a MGF


Other than the usual stuff when storing a vehicle, i.e. change oil and filter, inflate tyres 5 - 10 psi over, leave handbrake off, remove battery, etc, etc, I have been told to do the following before starting my MGF after six months in storage.

Does this sound right ?

Remove spark plugs and disconnect coil wire(s) from distributor cap(s). Squirt 3-5cm of engine oil into each combustion chamber. Crank engine for a few seconds. Do not operate gas pedal. Repeat a few times until oil warning light extinguishes. Clean and connect spark plug and coil wires.

Is putting oil in the spark plug chambers a good idea? Any advise appreciate.
Damien Thorn

A bit over the top in my opinion.
Sam Murray

Agree with Sam, but won't do any harm to turn the engine over without firing in order to get some oil moving around prior to firing it up - if you really feel it necessary.
Mike Hall

To get oil moving around - should I fire it up with spark plugs completely removed or just disconnect them ? I assume disconnecting them does the same thing.

Damien Thorn

My MGF has been put away for winter each year until recently. It is put on axle stands and a float charger connected to the battery. On the first weekend of the month, the engine is run until hot and gear engaged to spin the gearbox.
There is no need to do any more.
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing

Agree with Geoff get yourself a good qualtiy charger that you can leave on that monitors the battery condition and charges it when required. Without this you will probably need a new battery when you come to take it out of storage. Our car does suffer with a sticking hydraulic tappet when it has been stood for a long period which does rattle until it frees up, which is a little worrying. Dave - Kar-Solutions
David Karle

Agree that previous procedure sounds OTT, and that a battery charger conditioner is a good idea if you're leaving battery connected. I have previously disconnect the main HT lead (if a car has been left awhile) and turn the car over to get oil flowing, without the chance of the car starting.

That said the belts and braces approach should ensure no damage is done ;)

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