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MG MGF Technical - Strange Exhaust sound

Can anyone hear this file (.arm file from mobile , should work with real player).

Basically I wa spushing the throttle with my air filter off and noticed a strange sound. Gurgling and spluttering, almost backfiring sound, only heard from exhaust pipe finisher.

Wonder if it had anyhting to do with my power loss, as I have managed to change everyhting so my fault reader now shows no codes at last, but power still not there (although this difefrs fomr one day to the next!!) 5.amr

I Brown

That should be
I Brown

Curse this antiquated Macintosh, I can't open that file! :o(
Rob Bell

I feel sorry for you , I use MAcs too :)

Here it is in wav format for you
I Brown

Thanks :o)

Are my computer speakers distorting, or is the noise we're listening to the harsh clatter I can hear when you blip the throttle?

If the box is not moving excessively (causing metal on metal contact), then I would think that a baffle plate has come loose in the silencer.
Rob Bell

Mr. I. Brown

Have you checked that your oil-reservoir unit (the one
with the dip stick) is firmly bolted to the engine
block. If it has come adrift this can cause a sound
similar to a whole load of metal washers bouncing
about in your exhaust box.It was not until I opened
the boot, started the engine, that I was able to track
the source of the problem.

Just a thought.

Bill Pearson
W.A. Pearson

It is the noise of the echaust Robb, not your speakers.

It is the stuttering/gurgling/misfire type noise I was worried about. Its not the cat is it?

Cheers Bill, I will check this tomorrow.

The power loss is gettig worse, despite changing everything and its really making me dislike my car now.

I havee more clips if it helps

I Brown

Baffle plate would be my guess then - take it to an exhaust centre; they should be able to confirm the diagnosis. :o)
Rob Bell

But would this affect performance at all?

Or is it just wishful thinking
I Brown

A strangled cat would certainly affect performance (but sound different :-)
Dave Livingstone

Damaged silencers can effect performance - but I guess it is a question of 'how much'?
Rob Bell

Would it help to tell you there is suddenly alot of black soot around the exhaust finishers?
I Brown

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