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MG MGF Technical - strange noise

on acceleration i get a whezzing/blowing noise (not the exhaust) only happens on acceleration in all gears

only last a sec but never noticed it b4 is this normal

I am prob getting confused but is this something to do with the fuel pump or injectors... it is normal though :0)
Nick Walters

Yes, it is a normal sound .It appears when the charcoal canister is eptied from trapped gas /fumes (under more or less full acceleration).
You are probably another victim of not having a K&N and sports exthaust ! :)

Regards , Carl.

What has a k and n sports exhaust got do do with it sorry if i sound dumb

If you had any of them you wouldn't be able to hear anything else.
Spyros Papageorghiou


I have had a strange noise on my VVC for the past year. When accelerating on full throttle a shrieking noise comes from the exhaust. It occurs above 4500 rpm on full throttle. If I back off from full throttle then it disappears even though I am above 4500. I presume it is a fault in the silencer. I drove with the engine cover off so I could listen closely to the engine but the noise is definitely coming from the back of the car, outside.

Perhaps this is the noise you are hearing. Most embarrassing when overtaking. I just tell the passenger that the turbo is leaking a bit! :)

Bruce Caldwell


may be the additional manifold mounting bracket GEX13002 can help in your case.

I still look for an answer why this bracket is standard installed at the Elise !

Dieter Koennecke

This thread was discussed between 07/04/2002 and 11/04/2002

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