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MG MGF Technical - Strange Problem with Brakes...

I'm back to this site again, after a long time away... mainly due to my F being "away for repair" for many weeks !!

I've had a look through the form and can't find this as a problem so here go's..

When on a flat surface, the handbrake comes up 2 or 3 clicks, and holds well. However as soon as I park on a hill, the handbrake comes up about 4 or 5 clicks and will not hold !! But if I hold the car using reverse, and "pump" the brake it will hold at 4 clicks, whats with that ???

Any idea's or thoughts ?? Thanks in advance to any recommendations.

R Adgie

I think you should at least put it on on a jig and measure the chassis plus subrames.

Just to stay on the safe side.

Johan Slagter

Not heard this before Richard. How does the brake pedal feel under foot when applying the brakes normally out on the road?
Rob Bell

Fine and dandy, no problems at all. As always, not the best brakes in the world but they do stop me when I need it !!

I'm wondering if there is some air in the system. When parking facing down hill the hand brake will not hold, but up hill seems fine again. This is getting very strange...
R Adgie

It is wierd Richard, but bleeding the brakes will certainly do no harm (perhaps take the opportunity to change the brake fluid anyway?).

Of course, the hand brake is a mechanical linkage, and separate from the hydraulic foot brake. Might be worth looking over the linkages and checking the adjustment.
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 06/12/2004 and 08/12/2004

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