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MG MGF Technical - Stuck gaspedal.


Last evening I had a very scary moment. I just installed a K&N 57i airfilter kit and I was just testing it out. I accelerated pretty quickly and then the gaspedal got stuck at 5500 RPM. I had to pull it back with my foot!!!!!!!! Thirty minutes later it happend again!
Has anyone else experienced this, or does anyone know what the problem could be? I checked everything, but I can't find anything.

Thank you for your reply,


Since the inner cable is flexible when it is pulled from the outer sheath it is more likely to fold up rather than transmit a force directly along its length. The reason I start with this is that yousay that you lifted the pedal to release and this is where the iiner cable would have been extended from the outer. This points towards the problem actually being within the throttle pedal assembly and can be as simple as something getting in the way to having bent something in the excitement of the new experience!!

The other logical thought would be that if the problem has only happened since your work in the engine bay then you may have disturbed something. Once again I come back to the properties of the inner cable and it being less likely to move a stuck throttle if the problem were to be that the throttle end. Anyway the cable runs away from the air filter end of the throttle body.

One thing is that if you can achieve the sticky throttle when driving you will also be able to do the same with the engine off and the car stationary. Do this and induce the problem. Then start by burying your head towards the pedals and moving the throttle by hand. I'm sure you will soon see where the problem lies.

Roger Parker

Didn't Ted mention a while back about how close part of the K&N came close to teh throttle cable? Or am I getting mixted up with something else. :-s
Paul Lathwell

I know there was a recall for this issue, at least my F it's throttle cable was replaced FOC early 98. Not sure it was VVC only. Better check wity yer dealer

Dirk Vael

>then the gaspedal got stuck at 5500 RPM

Yeah, it's one feature of the K&N airfilters, once it's installed you can't rev below 5000 rpm

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