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MG MGF Technical - Stutter on Acceleration


I have a 1998 VVC and have of late noticed a bit of a worrying problem. When I first start to accelerate, lets say any more than three quarter throttle, from cold the vehicle will lurch and splutter like it's starving of fuel. This only happens when the car is dead cold. Once warm the car is ok although it may sometimes feel a bit flat when going up through the gears.

Any ideas for what I might be looking for as the fault?
Graham Prepuce

Plugs nearing the end of their life?
Plug gaps too wide. Set to minimum 0.8mm
Ignition leads failing?

Bruce Caldwell

Do leads actually fail? How?
Graham Prepuce

Leads actually fail
Inner core becomes hard and brittle, increasing internal resistance and producing weaker spark.
Paul Lane

Graham, I drive a 1999 VVC and as Paul and Bruce have said already, this is your likely problem.
About an hour to change plugs and leads.
The pre 2000 MY VVC has the really long leads which break down eventually as already described.

They are a bit of a bu--er to fit as you need very small hands and wrists to do the job.
Also, when did you last change the air filter element? The thing might be fighting for breath.


Tony Harrison

This thread was discussed between 11/08/2003 and 17/08/2003

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