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MG MGF Technical - Subs in an F

I think I have finally lost the plot.

Started with an 8" sub in the glove box, worked quite well, but shook the dash so much the CD would jump. Fixed this with a boot cd changer.

Then came the 12" sub in the boot. Sounded very very good when stationary, but 30mph and above was a waste of time.

Moved this to infront (or behind depending on your perception) of the spare wheel. Very happy at all speeds, but the bass was a bit flappy.

Then about a week ago it dawned on me that I was carrying a spare that I could not use on the fronts due to AP callipers, so this was dumped and I now have two 10" subs in it's place. Sounds awesome. :-) :-)

But really I think I have lost it, perhaps the sub has liquefied what was left of my brain cells ;-)

Just thought I would share...
Richard P

So the spare wheel is now in the glove box, right ?

Any pics online, as this is quite unique setup.

So it's a road going F vibration test rig? Inspect all seams for metal fatigue:-)??
Ken Waring

>So it's a road going F vibration test rig?<

Not sure how long it will last ;-)

I've got pics, but nowhere to host them. Anyone able to help?

Also got a unique (I think) starter button, instead of one of the horn buttons, if anyone is interested :-)
Richard P

Drop me an email Richard...

See Dominic's sub installation!
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob,

I saw Dominic's before. Really the best place for it, or in the footwell but too much on show for my liking. (Not aesthetics, but security wise-living in Essex ;-) ) I like all my stereo stuff hidden.

Have emailed you, hope I still have the right address, pictures not too good my camera is at home.

Richard P

Pictures on line.

What's the red horn button for Richard?

Rob Bell

Engine start. Picture is terrible, will get a better one tommorow. Has the word Start! on it :-)

Thanks Rob
Richard P


Nice touch Richard.

How did you get the switch out of the steering wheel?
Rob Bell

It's pushed in. Two small flat scredrivers to lever it out. Then there are two wires connected to it.

Richard P

Easy to damage the button/ steering wheel when using the screw drivers Richard?
Rob Bell

I didn't. They really are quite easy to pull out. I've had four switches in and out on two wheels, and had no problems. When I said a small screwdriver, maybe two flat pieces of metal would be better.
Richard P

Yup Richard, you have lost the plot, but what a way to go!

Also, an interesting way of getting a bit more weight over 'light' front end.

Good work, Russ.
Russ D Mellor

>Also, an interesting way of getting a bit more weight over 'light' front end<

It also goes faster, I placed the speakers pointing backwards to add some push.....
Richard P

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