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MG MGF Technical - sucking noise not the air filter

recently i have noticed a loudish sucking noise coming from the engine compartment. I assumed it was the air filter. How ever i took a chance to have a deeper looker at it when i was replacing my filter to a K&N panel filter. Now it seems the noise is coming from the top of the rocker cover area. Could it be the breather pipes? it also continues for a 1 second after the engine has been turned off. it gets louder at the start of my revving.. any ideas anyone??
any help would be appreciated..

thank you


Hi Fumb, try checking the inlet manifold gaskets, or the connections around the throttle body, especially if you still have the plastic TB fitted. it may also be worth checking all the rubber hose connections/unions.I know it may sound obvious but have you distrubed anything else while fitting the K&N?

Good luck MGTerry

thanks for the help Terry, much appreciated. The sucking noise had started before i fitted the filter.. but i will have a good nosey at the pipes today. thanks again.


I have just started to experience a similar issue. With what appears to be a slight roughness in running, apparent as a vibration running through the car when the engine drops back to idle.
Is there any way to diagnose an inlet manifold gasket failure?
If it is this thats failed how easy is it to change?
Brown & Gammons advertise a replacement aluminium manifold and state this gives a performance increase is this worth doing at the same time?

Additionaly I seem to be seing some water loss as well, drips on the sump. Could this be related to a failed inlet manifold gasket?


I had a similar sound when the convoluted rubber tube which connects the air filter to the throttle body came adrift. BUT I don't think that is your problem because it continues for a few seconds after you have switched off. Check out the vacuum hose connection to the mainifold ie the one for the brake system. It may be split and the sucking noise is the air pressure equalising when you switch off. Check the connections to the evaporative cylinder which is mounted on the back wall of the engine compartment.


Your problem may well be the manifold leaking as this is a known problem with early models (you don't say which model/year you have). I seem to recall that usually the water leaks into the manifold so you don't see water drips under the car. Your problem could also be a leaking head gasket and the usual place is near the alternator (front RH side of engine). Get the engine access cover off and have a look ASAP. You could be lucky like me and find that it is only a top hose leaking. Whatever, if you drain the system to repair the problem then make sure it is bled correctly. Don't entrust the work to a garage who don't deal with MGFs on a regular basis. Tech Speed in Eathorpe is the nearest to us and their charge is reasonable.

Bruce Caldwell

I always said the MGF sucked!
When not blowing its head gasket that is.

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