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MG MGF Technical - Sudden loss of all acceleration

Hello again,

The problem first appearing in Feb 2003 is back twice within last month with our 99 VVC MGF. I drive the car fine, but my wife has occasions whilst cruising then changing gear, all power cuts out and the ignition light illuminates, as if the car has stalled, but without the kangaroo stutter. See this thread from the archive for the original post;

I fear that any garage is going to have trouble diagnosing because it is soooo infrequent, and my wife is concerned that it could cause an accident whereby her car slows to a stop without warning, and the car behind is not awake.

Any further ideas anyone please?

Cheers, Tony
T White

Tony, the problem sounds very similar to one that Siok had some years ago (she also posted as Jody) - see

Some good suggestions for what to look for there - but I can't recall how the situation played out - I vaguely remember one problem being the ignition switch itself, but it looks as though the oil temperature sensor could warrant further investigation, along with Roger Parker's suggestions - look at the main relays - particular the fuel pump replay. The problem may originate there.

As you say, tracking down such an intermittent problem can be incredibly difficult.

Good luck!
Rob Bell

Keep an eye on ebay as a spare and cheap VVC MEMS could be usefull.

On the otherhand I am thinking about a bad ground connection. Anyone an idea if this is possible on the F.

This thread was discussed on 04/01/2006

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