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MG MGF Technical - Sun Visor,s

Can anyone tell me where to get hold of those little spring steel clips which keep the sun visor,s from dropping down from the upright position without having to pay for the full sunvisor assembly from MG/ROVER at plus 20 pounds each? I tried all the local scrap merchants for mg spares without any success.Thanks in anticipation. John
john ruddock

Why not try the MGF Centre or the likes,

Johan Slagter

>Why not try the MGF Centre or the likes<

Yup, got mine replaced from the MGF Center.
Richard P

Clips sold as part of sunvisor assembly - so no option other than to buy the whole lot, sorry. Bought a replacement from MGR myself, but MGFC and Midland MGF should both be in a position to help out at reasonable cost :o)
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 13/06/2004 and 14/06/2004

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