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MG MGF Technical - Suppliers of new F wings

Does anyone know if there are any suppliers of new wings for the F?
I'm refurbing mine over the winter and the front wings have rust on the leading edges and round the indicators. I'm wondering if the extra cost of new wings ( if I can find a supplier ) would be worth it.

Rgds, Tony
tony burke

yup, the new wings are still available, but I doubt that there is much point in getting new ones at hundreds of pounds, a grit blast and fill is probebly just as good and the blasting should cost you about 20 quid
Will Munns

the MG owners club still has them as does a number of other specialists
RP Armitage

Just about any body shop will know where to get panels from.

Also, XPART offer a service - tell them what you want and they will sort you out.

btw the service is really aimed at body shops and insurance companies but ...
John Ponting

Wow, have you seen the price of TF front bumpers on the MGOC site?

Front bumper (TF 2002 on)
Price: 24,843.03 Including VAT at 17.5%
Tim Jenner

You MUST Be joking we can buy a brand new mgtf for that price
Surely there is a mistake- my car is valued at $NZ14,000 divide that by three for pounds and I have a TF nose. No insurance company would look at an MGTF or conversion card at those prices Please tell me you are wrong


Tim, LOL!
Nice try though, do you think SWMBO would notice if I Ebayed her front bumper?

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