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MG MGF Technical - Survey !! MGTF MY2004 owners > VIN 4D630000


had a big laughter today. (OK me is usually at last one grin in my old face)

This regards the funny ANC flap, installed to all mgtf since they got made.
Dunno how much threads may be in the archives about the advantages or disadvantages ;)

Most of us always sai:
EC-regulations and noise reduction...disconnect and forget it.

Looks like anything happend in the meantime.
A german TF135 owner wanted to disconnect the mad vacuum valve today and ... found only the connector hanging around where the usual vacuum can should be.
Nothing there. No flap cylinder at the exhaust pipes.

(far below on this site for comparison.

The question is to all MGTF 160 owners:

Is it the same with your car ?
VIN around app. 4D630000 are asked.

However, any MGTF VIN appreciated to the inofficial MGF/TF VIN register.
Looking forward your input.
Individual data get held top-secret.

PS. I wonder about other cost saving subjects :)

Dieter K.

I'm afraid, forgot to say:
While you are on there, check aswell the fusepanel design.
(LHD car)
Notice the new design relays.
Mini-Relay, availiable at any car parts shop. Important for hardtop buays if they like to activate the heated rear window together with the right additional switch.

Would like to get a picture of the same from a RHD car. Just to complete the files.
Email: mgf at mgcc dot de

Thank you :)
Dieter K.

Well done with all the detective work, Dieter. It would seem mods' to the TF are appearing thick and fast. Regards.
H.R. Bridge

Don't think they are so fast as we had with the MGF years ago ;)

Wrote an Email yesterday to one of the rare MGTF 160 owners. MY2004, VIN below 630000

------ cut & paste --
How nice to hear from you. I am well and very happy with my TF :-) .

I have checked my car as follows:
1. The exhaust flap is mounted like

Additional it might be of interest, the flap at MGTF135 in export models still where in with late MGTF 80th anniversary limited edition models.
Looking forward your input.

Dieter K.

*bump*, and a big thank you to recent participants

No news on the subject though.

gimmi more, please !
Dieter K.

Hi Dieter
A guy in work has a 2004 TF and I examined that this morning - definately NO vaccumm valve.

david stonehouse

A 135 or 160 David?

This is intriguing - I thought that the valve was required for type approval of the exhaust system.

So either MGR have decided to be naughty and delete the vacuum system to save cash OR more likely, they've re-specified the exhaust system for something quieter, that doesn't need the flap (and therefore saving money).

Interesting to note that the exhaust system pictured in is a UNIPART. Seems probable that this is factory fit. Would not a recent version of the EPC show the change over of the part number - and the VIN that this applies to?

Great work as usual with the unofficial VIN registry Dieter! :o)
Rob Bell

I'll have another look at my TF135 01/2004 later. Certainly, when I start the car and idle, only left pipe emmits fumes/condensation or pressure. When warm and at higher revs I can feel the output from the right pipe and a noticeable change in exhaust note. When I switch off I can hear a flap valve closing somewhere behind me.

>A 135 or 160 David?

A 135 due to the survey reply from Davids colleage .... and ...

blame me... a 2D MGTF, made in March 2002 !!

Most confusing stuff. I think I should drop this silly _job_ ;)

The Unipart pic is from a German owner, 4D MGTF.

Assuming they did the probably silent UNIPART at first to RHD cars.
And used up the *flap equipped* for RHD export models ?

*accountant works* ?
Dieter K.

Dieter and Rob
david stonehouse

160 ? humm, need to check email inbox again.

Anyway, had some research on part numbers.

From what I found due to TF exhausts, there are:

WCG000450 from VIN 2D600101 390GBP
WCG000460 from VIN 2D600101 240GBP (listed for 1600+1800 engine)

I think the above price difference explains all ?
No idea about superceeded parts cause I've not got the newest *parts catalogue*
Dieter K.

150 quid difference? Yes, that'd be the reason - although quite how a flap mechanism ends up costing 150 quid I have no idea...
Rob Bell

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