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MG MGF Technical - Suspension diff height.


I know I posted this problem a couple of weeks ago but I've tried local garages and Kwik Fits to see if any of them have the tools to adjust my gas suspension on my MY2000 MGF.

Does anybody know of any local garages to manchester or national garages that can do this work for me.

Thanks for your help.


I just had my suspension pumped up by a small local garage that had the right hydragas pump. This is a very simple operation and does not need to be done by an mg specialist. Check with the garage that they are familiar with hydragas suspension and that they have the pump. If they are not sure how to do an MGF then the following should help. In the front "boot" there is a black plastic shroud that is held in place by 4 or 5 fixings. These need to be removed and then the flexible black plastic shroud can be eased out of the way to reveal what look like regular tyre valves. These are where the pump is fitted and then the system is pumped up to the required height. There are two valves, one for each side. The whole process takes about 10 minutes or so and cost me 15. There are experts who can probably describe the process better than I but, I was surprised at the simplicity. Hope this helps.
Robert Matthews 1

Does Manchester have a Mini specialist? If so, they're sure to have a pump. Metro specialists likewise. Worth a browse of your Yellow Pages.
Mike Hankin

This thread was discussed on 14/12/2006

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