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MG MGF Technical - suspension bushes

My 8 year old F is starting to need suspension bushes , I think, I had one replace a few months ago now I have another rumbling klncking noise.
Should I replace them all with poly prop ones ? Does it take long ? Any pit falls I should be aware of ?
Thanks David
D Brunton

David - replacing with PU is probably not a bad idea - and in some cases is your only option as often the rubber bushes are not sold as a separate part (the damper bushes are one good example of this).

Most of the bushes are reasonably straight forward - but others are harder, and may require some access to professional presses (I would imagine that the wishbone bushes probably fall into this category!)

Have a search through the archives - there are some interesting threads in there covering this very subject.

Tim Woolcott's rear tie-bar bush replacement instructions can be found here: and Tim's shock absorber bush replacement guide can be found here:

Colin McIlwaine's anti-roll bar bush replacement instructions can be found here:

Hope this helps! :o)
Rob Bell

And if it ain't enough, I could add some more:,, and

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